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OPAuth + CodeIgniter integration
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OPauth + CodeIgniter integration. Based on



This file contains most common options to set up opauth:

'path' - Route to login method. Out-of-the-zip it will be /your_app/auth/login

'callback_url' - Route to callback method. Out-of-the-zip it will be /your_app/auth/authenticate

'callback_transport' - CodeIgniter not support $_SESSION, so you can choose between 'get' or 'post'.

'security_salt' - Type anything.

'debug' - True or false.

'Strategy' - It contains a number of strategies. Choose your authentication providers and complete data


You need to enable mod_rewrite on your webserver. Change your_app by your app name.


Changed file to get openid_url from ci_opauth.php config file. If you want to use any openid_url, just review comments on the file.


This integration only identifies users. If you want to store the data, you must edit the method 'auth/authenticate' and develop the necessary logic to do it.

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