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OS Helmet

Around September 2012 I decided to make a very complex fully enclosed bike helmet with servo controlled bunny ears that have turn signals, telescoping rear view mirrors and cameras.

This is not that project.

This is a very scaled back version, consisting of a simple fiberglass cap with an attached restraint band. Which, aided by a ratcheting system tightens around your head giving you a nice snug fit. A chin strap keeps the helmet from leaving your head, preventing your voluptuous strands of blond hair from being exposed to the wind.

My goal is to have every single component either built by hand or via some CNC process. Well… you might have to buy some readily available parts too.

Building your open source helmet

Follow these very helpful directions:


  • Write very helpful directions
  • Design and test restraint ratcheting system

As this project is currently in development this list of required tools and materials will expand/change

Tools Needed

  • 3D printer
  • Large CNC mill (preferably a shopbot)
  • Longish rounded bit

Required Materials

  • 3D printer filament
  • M3 nuts
  • M3 8mm machine screws
  • M8 14mm machine screws
  • Fiberglass moulding materials
  • Foam blocks
  • Nylon Straps
  • Expandable foam
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