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Tool for creating favicons and images from Font Awesome icons. The generated icon can be previewed live in the browser.


  • Latest Font Awesome 5.5.0
  • Preview of favicon live in browser
  • Download favicons with all features of realfavicongenerator.net
  • Transparent icon and background
  • Fuzzy search and keyword search
  • Support stacked icons


To contribute fork the repository and execute

git clone <YOUR_FORK>
cd fonticon
npm install
# Install pre-commit hooks for automatic code formatting (requires python to be installed).
npm run pre-commit

This installs all the necessary dependencies. Now you can build the code by running:

npm run build

Afterwards the index.html and other static assets can be found in the dist directory.

Alternatively, you can run:

npm run start:dev

This will start a webpack-dev-server. While the server is running you can go to localhost:8080 where all your changes will be reflected as soon as you save a file.

During your commit, all changed code will be formatted with Prettier and Black so no need to worry about formatting 😄🎉.