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A tool designed to help developers setting up an development environment with the ability to share the same project settings across the team.

Apache License, Version 2.0 Maven Central Build Status

Windows Ubuntu MacOS



  • Windows

    • On Windows you need to download and install git for windows.

    • You need a tool to extract *.tar.gz files (tar and gzip).

      For example 7-zip or WinRar.

  • Linux

    • On Linux you need to install curl and git if you don’t have them already

      sudo apt-get install git curl
      sudo yum install git-core curl
  • MacOS

    • On MacOS you only need to download and install git for mac.


  • Download the latest version of devonfw-ide from here and extract it to a folder of your choice.

    (You can find all Releases in Maven Central)

  • Run the setup in this folder (On Windows you can double click on setup.bat)

    A command prompt will open and the setup will start. The setup will ask for a settings URL. In case you do not have a settings URL for your project, you can just press enter to use the default settings.

  • After the setup is finished, you can close the command prompt and open a new one.

  • You are done! You can now use the devon command in your terminal to use the devonfw-ide.

Video Tutorial


See also our latest video devon ide update @ RISE

Contribution Guidelines

If you want to contribute to devon-ide please read our Contribution Guidelines.

We use GitHub Issues to track bugs and submit feature requests.