WebDav client library
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Net::Dav library, in the style of Net::HTTP Build


Installing the gem:

gem install net_dav

and if you want acceleration for large files (from 4MB/s to 20MB/s in my setup):

gem install curb

If you're having install issues with nokogiri on Mac OS X read wiki.github.com/tenderlove/nokogiri/what-to-do-if-libxml2-is-being-a-jerk


require 'net/dav'

Net::DAV.start("https://localhost.localdomain/xyz/") do |dav|
  dav.find('.', :recursive => true) do |item|
    item.content = item.content.gsub(/silly/i, 'funny')

(Note that if you want to use “.” to refer to the origin URL, it should end with a slash, otherwise it is assumed that the last component is a file and “.” will refer to the parent.)


RDoc: rdoc.info/projects/devrandom/net_dav Wiki: wiki.github.com/devrandom/net_dav


This should be threadsafe if you use a different Net::DAV object for each thread. Check out script/multi-test for a multi-threaded application.

Installing the curb gem will gain speedup with large files, but currently is much slower doing many small get operations. If your usecase is the latter and you have curb installed, you can disable its use by passing the

:curl => false

option to Net::DAV::start or Net::DAV::new .


Thanks go to Thomas ( github.com/thomasfl/ ) and others for their help.

Thomas is writing the easy to use github.com/thomasfl/open-uri-and-write based on net_dav.