Modern Fortran wrappers around ScaLAPACK routines
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SCALAPACKFX - Modern Fortran Interface for SCALAPACK, PBLAS and BLACS

The open source library SCALAPACKFX is an effort to provide modern Fortran (Fortran 2003) wrappers around routines of the SCALAPACK, PBLAS and BLACS libraries to make their use as simple as possible. The documentation is included inside the repository, but is also available at

A few essential routines (especially those related to diagonalization) are already covered. If not, you are cordially invited to extend SCALAPACKFX and to share it in order to let others profit from your work. SCALAPACKFX is licensed under the simplified BSD license.

Information about installation and usage of the library you find in the documentation in the source, using both doxygen and sphinx. Project status, current source code, bugtracker etc. can be found on the SCALAPACKFX project home page.