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RSS & Atom Feeds for PHP

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RSS & Atom Feeds for PHP is a very small and easy-to-use library for consuming an RSS and Atom feeds.

It requires PHP 5.3 or newer with CURL extension or enabled allow_url_fopen and is licensed under the New BSD License. You can obtain the latest version from our GitHub repository or install it via Composer:

composer require dg/rss-php

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Download RSS feed from URL:

$rss = Feed::loadRss($url);

The returned properties are SimpleXMLElement objects. Extracting the information from the channel is easy:

echo 'Title: ', $rss->title;
echo 'Description: ', $rss->description;
echo 'Link: ', $rss->url;

foreach ($rss->item as $item) {
	echo 'Title: ', $item->title;
	echo 'Link: ', $item->url;
	echo 'Timestamp: ', $item->timestamp;
	echo 'Description ', $item->description;
	echo 'HTML encoded content: ', $item->{'content:encoded'};

Download Atom feed from URL:

$atom = Feed::loadAtom($url);

You can also enable caching:

Feed::$cacheDir = __DIR__ . '/tmp';
Feed::$cacheExpire = '5 hours';

You can setup a User-Agent if needed:

Feed::$userAgent = "FeedFetcher-Google; (+";

If you like it, please make a donation now. Thank you!