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Texy! is the best humane Web text generator


Texy is text-to-HTML formatter and converter library. It allows you to write
structured documents without knowledge or using of HTML language. You write
documents in humane easy-to-read plain text format and Texy! converts it to
structurally and valid (X)HTML code.

Texy is one of the most complex formatters. Its possibilities covers images,
links (anchors), nested lists, tables and has full support for CSS and UTF-8.

Texy formats text in accordance with typographic rules. Special attention is
paid to locale specifications. Texy! replaces single and double quotes with
typographic correct quotes, hyphens with em-dash entity, converts letter x to
dimension sign etc.

Code is written in object PHP. Library is well-advised designed, so any
enhancements or specific requirements adaptations are as easy as possible.

Texy is sexy!

Documentation and Examples

Refer to the 'examples' directory for examples. Texy documentation is
available on the homepage


This is shrinked single-file version of whole Texy, useful when you don't
want to modify library, but just use it.

This is exactly the same as normal version, just only comments and
whitespaces are removed.
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