AniTV module for sopel to get showtimes and channels
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AniTV module for sopel to get showtimes and channels from the AniTV API.


The AniTV module relies on the following Python modules:

  • datetime (standard Python library)
  • re (standard Python library)
  • requests (should be in standard Python library)


The AniTV module requires configuration before it will function. The required configuration consists of:

  • The AniTV server to use
    • (optional) The API key needed to connect to the AniTV server, if required by the server

Known servers

Known active servers as of September 2017:

(A default, public server was included with this module previously, but it shut down in October 2016.)


Commands & arguments:

  • .ani <search keywords> -r -3 -ch BS11
    • <search keywords>: the title (or keyword) to search on AniTV
    • -1 to -5: specify how many results to retrieve (5 is the hardcoded maximum)
    • -r: reverse sort order (has no effect if the default of one result is returned)
    • -ch channelname or -st station: filter results by station/channel name (must not contain spaces)

Arguments can be specified in any order, with the caveat that required parameters (currently only -ch/-st has this) may not be separated from their argument. For example, the command .ani imouto -ch -3 BS11 would not work as expected; it would search for the keywords "imouto BS11" filtered by channel name "-3", and probably return no results.