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SNMP data gather scripts
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These  perl scripts are for extracting SNMP data from target systems and parsing those file for potentialy usable data.   --> A multithreaded perl script for bulk walking targeted host systems for SNMP data  --> A perl script for parsing the results of from Looking for usable data

reg_list    --> A list of keyword and regular expression for input to script

Syntax    " target community timeout threads" 
example-1   ./ public 2 1
example-2   ./ ipfile.txt  public 2 4
community :public or what ever the community string is
timeout   :Timeout is in seconds 
threads   :number of threads to run

Syntax    " OutputFile" 
example-1   ./ results.txt
example-2   ./ /home/location/results.txt
OutputFile :File name and path where you want the data writen too

reg_list is an editable file. Please use this to add any keyword or regular expression you discover to return usable value. Also please contact me with any recommended additions. Currently there are only a few entries in this file currently.

Return email addresses                --> [A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[comnetrg]{3}
Return linux/unix MD5 cipher hashes   --> \$[1-6]\$[0-9A-Z./$]{31}
Return possible MD5s                  --> \"[0-9A-F]{32}\"
Keyword returns trap community string --> traphost

These scripts should be considered usable proof of concept beta code. Further updates will be made to improve the code and better format the output of the data recovered.

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