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English language variation
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GitHub area for code and other stuff relating to the English language variation theme

Shiny app

The data for the shiny app was produced by the following steps:

  1. Create a data/ directory in the root directory of the project
  2. Download the ceec-normalised/ directory and place it in the data/ directory
  3. Download the ceec-metadata/ directory and place it in the data/ directory
  4. Run the pos-tagging.R script in the R/ directory
  5. Run the export-semiclean-ceec.R script in the R/ directory
  6. Run the create-period-subcorpora.R script in the R/ directory

(The scripts used to produce this data should be rewritten so they are are more streamlined)

To run the shiny app, open varieng.Rproj and type runApp("shiny") in the R console window. If you receive an error message, check that varieng/ is the root directory. You may also have to install some packages.

The shiny app can be viewed here

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