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Tidying and mapping Scopus and Journal Metrics data

This repository creates user-friendly (tidy) TSVs of data from Scopus and Journal Metrics and converts data to NLM journal IDs for PubMed integration. Data pulled from Scopus include journal subject areas and open access status. Data pulled from Journal Metrics include journal three measures (CiteScore, SJR, SNIP) of journal prestige and a Scopus–ISSN mapping.

Execution is performed by running notebooks in the following order:

Scopus titles

The data directory contains the following tidy outputs:

Scopus mappings

The data directory contains the following tidy outputs:

Journal metrics

Source and version info

This repository is built from the following publicly-available inputs in download:

  • Scopus_Source_List.xlsx: Scopus title list (source)
  • CiteScore_Metrics_2011-2016_Download_21Jun2017.xlsx: Journal Metrics (source)
  • pubmed-journals.tsv: PubMed journal information (source)

See, which downloads local copies of the inputs, for the source URLs.


This repository uses conda to manage its environment as specified in environment.yml. Install the environment with:

conda env create --file=environment.yml

Then use source activate scopus and source deactivate to activate or deactivate the environment. On windows, use activate scopus and deactivate instead.


All original work in this repository is dedicated to the public domain under CC0 1.0 Universal. Note that this repository incorporates publicly available datasets that were not explicitly released with a public license. The authors of this repository claim no ownership of this content.


User-friendly Scopus and Journal Metrics data




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