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DHIS 2 is a flexible information system for data capture, management, validation, analytics and visualization. It allows for data capture through clients ranging from Web browsers, Android devices, Java feature phones and SMS. DHIS 2 features data visualization apps for dashboards, pivot tables, charting and GIS. It provides metadata management and configuration. The data model and services are exposed through a RESTful Web API.


Issues can be reported and browsed in JIRA.

For documentation visit the documentation portal.

You can download pre-built WAR files from the continuous integration server.

You can explore various demos of DHIS 2 in the play environment.

For support and discussions visit the community forum.

For general info visit the project web page.

For software developer resources visit the developer portal.

To contribute to the software read the contributor guidelines.

The software is open source and released under the BSD license.

Build process

This repository contains the source code for the server-side component of DHIS 2, which is developed in Java and built with Maven.

To build it you must first install the root POM file, navigate to the dhis-web directory and then build the web POM file.

See the contributing page to learn how to run locally.

Build Status