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dotemacs: My personal Emacs configuration

How do I install it?

Clone the project from git:// and symbolically link the directory .emacs.d to $HOME/.emacs.d.

To make all the features work properly in Python mode run pip install -r requirements.txt.


With the exception of core Emacs functionality most bindings are made to a set of predefined maps that in turn are bound to various prefixes by default. That way bindings become more logical and easier to memorize.

Core bindings

  • execute-extended-command [C-x C-m] [C-x m]
  • backward-kill-word [C-w]
  • kill-region [C-x C-k]


  • user/navigation-map [C-c n] Navigation in Emacs buffers and modes.
  • user/code-map [C-c c] Interaction with the contents of Emacs buffers, such as modifying a region or completing code.
  • user/documentation-map [C-c d] Access to documentation.
  • user/vcs-map [C-c v] Interaction with version control systems.
  • user/utilities-map [C-c u] Interaction with Emacs utilities.