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Documentation generation tool for Python. Documentor scan all the source code of your project and generate a documentation site with the collected information of your project using Nikola.

Documentation site for Documentor generated with Documentor:


  • Homepage at
  • @diegosarmentero at Twitter
  • #ninja-ide at (I'm always here :P)


Both of these:

Cloning and Running

(You need to install NIKOLA first!) You can clone this repo and simply execute:

git clone
cd documentor
python -p path/to/project -o /output/path

Piece of cake, uh? (Soon the will be ready to be able to execute this even more easily)

Optional Arguments:

usage: [-h] [-p project] [-o Output Folder]
              [--projectname projectname] 
              [--email email]
              [--serve False/True: default False]

$documentor -p project_path -o output_path [--projectname name, 
            --email address --serve=True/False]

- "serve" can take "output" as the project which need to be served as documentation

- "deploy" take the project in nikola site generated from "output" and deploy it to Github Pages

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p project, --project project
                        Create documentation for this project
  -o Output Folder, --output Output Folder
                        Place to locate the outpur result
  --projectname projectname
                        Project Name, if not provided the name is
                        generatedusing: documentor_PATHBASENAME
  --email email         email address of the project
  --serve False/True: default False
                        Serve Documentation site
  -d git-repository, --deploy git-repository
                        Git Repository to deploy content

Video Demonstration


  • GPL v3