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WAX3: 3-axis streaming accelerometer


The WAX3 is a wireless streaming accelerometer. The WAX3 has a PIC18, IEEE802.15.4 radio, and ADXL345 accelerometer. A rechargeable Li-Polymer battery powers the device and is charged via a micro USB port (which is also used for mode setting via a CDC port). The WAX3 was designed with size and power in mind and was intended to be suitable for embedding into objects.

While the WAX3 Tx and Rx hardware is the same, the firmware is different. The Tx can be set to transmit on "disturbance" (activity over a configurable threshold) or continuously. The Tx firmware supports a wide variety of transmit intervals, accelerometer sample rates and sensitivities, all of which are configurable over USB. The Tx intelligently enters a power save mode when undisturbed for a configurable period. The Rx firmware can be set to relay packets in binary or ASCII and a software library is available to relay received packets over UDP, OSC or COM. The Rx can handle multiple Tx's at once and there are 16 user selectable digital channels to avoid contention.



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