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Fast, simple, extensible and flat file CMS.

Bludit is a simple web application to make your own blog or site in seconds, it's completely free and open source. Bludit uses flat-files to store the posts and pages, you don't need to install or configure a database. Bludit supports Markdown and HTML code for the content of the posts and pages.


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You just need a web server with PHP support.

  • PHP v5.3 or higher.
  • PHP mbstring module for full UTF-8 support.
  • PHP gd module for image processing.
  • PHP dom module for DOM manipulation.
  • PHP json module for JSON manipulation.
  • Supported web servers:

Installation guide

  1. Download the latest version from
  2. Extract the zip file into a directory like bludit.
  3. Upload the directory bludit to your hosting server.
  4. Done!


Bludit is open source software licensed under the MIT license.