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Fix two bugs that would cause qbvh increment update to panic, and adding a few test cases for qbvh update

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What is Parry?

Parry is a set 2 and 3-dimensional geometric and collision detection libraries. These libraries are parry2d, parry3d, parry2d-f64, and parry3d-f64. They are written with the Rust programming language, by the Dimforge organization. It is forever free and open-source! We regularly give updates about our progress on our blog.

Resources and discussions

  • Dimforge: See all the open-source projects we are working on! Follow our announcements on our blog.
  • User guide: (WIP) Learn to use Rapier in your project by reading the official User Guide.
  • Discord: Come chat with us, get help, suggest features, on Discord!


Parry is supported by our platinum sponsors:

And our gold sponsors: