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Rust crates for numerical simulation including, but not limited to, real-time (as well as offline) physics, mechanics, and robotics.


  1. rapier Public

    2D and 3D physics engines focused on performance.

    Rust 2.1k 126

  2. nalgebra Public

    Linear algebra library for Rust.

    Rust 2.9k 365

  3. parry Public

    2D and 3D collision-detection library for Rust.

    Rust 292 37

  4. salva Public

    2 and 3-dimensional fluid simulation library in Rust.

    Rust 344 16

  5. simba Public

    Set of mathematical traits to facilitate the use of SIMD-based AoSoA (Array of Struct of Array) storage pattern.

    Rust 197 12



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