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Quicklisp to debian

This projects updates Common Lisp libraries debian packages from the current release found at Quicklisp, if an update is needed.


ql-to-deb works with a directory of debian packaging as input, and then fetches informations from the quicklisp web site.

The quicklisp URLs used are:

The first URL contains as its release-index-url the second URL, which contains the list of currently most recent available releases in Quicklisp.


It's only possible to ql-to-deb on packages you've prepared before hand. Add the packaging in the debian/ subdirectory of the project. A typical workflow would be:

$ ql-to-deb status [ package ]
$ ql-to-deb build [ package ]
$ ql-to-deb lint
$ ql-to-deb sign
$ ql-to-deb upload

The build command stores the name of the debian changes files in ~/.ql-to-deb.changes and will reuse that information in the other steps, so that it's possible to use the lint, sign and upload commands without any arguments meaning work on what I just built please.

The application will parse the debian/control file to figure out the name of the debian source package, it is adviced to name the packaging directory the same as the source file for easier maintenance.

Origin tarball

The tarball given by Quicklisp is considered to be the .orig.tar.gz file for debian packaging purposes. ql-to-deb just symlinks it in the format expected by debian, and at the right place.

Version numbers

Basically Quicklisp wins. When quicklisp release has a version number that is both not the same as the current debian one, nor gt to it (in terms of dpkg --compare-versions), then an epoch is added to the debian version number.

For example, the cffi package debian version currently is 20100219 where in Quicklisp the release version string is 0.12.0. In that case ql-to-deb will prepare a new version of the package with the debian version string 1:0.12.0-1.


Currently lacking a debian package, because of a classic chicken and eggs problem: ql-to-deb itself has some dependencies that are not to be found in debian yet (drakma, md5 and command-line-arguments).

$ sudo apt-get install sbcl cl-ppcre cl-split-sequence cl-alexandria
$ sudo apt-get build-dep cl-asdf
$ sudo apt-get build-dep buildapp
$ dpkg -i cl-asdf...

Note that we need cl-asdf version 3.0.3 or more recent, and buildapp version 1.5 or more recent, both as found in sid and an apt-get build-dep command away to being backported into squeeze.

Now that you have the build requirements sorted:

$ make


And then:

$ ./build/bin/ql-to-deb --version
ql-to-deb version "0.7.0"
compiled with SBCL 1.2.3.debian

$ ./build/bin/ql-to-deb --help
./build/bin/ql-to-deb [ option ... ] command [ package ...]

  --help -h                       boolean  Show usage and exit. 
  --version -V                    boolean  Displays version and exit. 
  --verbose -v                    boolean  Be verbose. 
  --fix-bugs -F                   boolean  Fix packaging bugs. 
  --config -c                     string   configuration file.  (default: #P"/vagrant/ql-to-deb.ini")
  --dir -D                        string   where to build packages.  (default: "/tmp/ql-to-deb/")
  --logs -L                       string   where to write detailed logs.  (default: "/tmp/ql-to-deb/logs/")
  --quicklisp -Q                  string   URL to use to fetch quicklisp.txt main file  (default: "")

  status    Compare versions (debian sid, local, Quicklisp)
  check     List packages that need building
  update    Build either packages or all that need a build
  build     Build either packages or all that need a build
  lint      Run lintian on just built packages
  install   Run dpkg -i on just built packages
  sign      Run debsign on just built packages
  upload    Run dput on just built packages


Update cl-* debian packages from Quicklisp releases.






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