find_subtitles is a lua script for mpv to (down)load subtitles
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find_subtitles is a lua script for mpv to (down)load subtitles

Tries to do two simple things:

  • use python's subliminal for downloading subtitles
  • load any subtitles found within movie folder

  • a linux OS
  • mpv player
  • python with subliminal (version(s) 1.0.1+ work fine, older will not). [ pip for easy peasy installation is recommended]
  • copy script to ~/.config/mpv/scripts (for some older versions than 0.9.2 it will propably be a slight different path; check here)
  • press "s" while playing a movie and after some time you will see an osd message indicating status (the subtitle will be automatically donwloaded and loaded)
  • Assumes subliminal is available from terminal (if you use it from a non-default path you need to update line 38)
  • Downloads English subtitles (if you require other languages you need to update line 38)
  • As it captures console output with Lua system calls i doubt it will work in windows without changes