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DWR - Direct Web Remoting

DWR is a Java library that enables Java on the server and JavaScript in a browser to interact and call each other as simply as possible. DWR is Easy Ajax for Java.


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Building DWR

DWR is primarily built using ant. The important ant targets are:

  • clean: Removes target files and .DS_Store files left around by OSX
  • jar: Create a new dwr.jar file
  • war: Create a clean unpacked demo war file for tomcat/jetty/etc
  • package: Build a set of output .zip files for distribution

The DWR build system can be adapted to create outputs containing different modules (see Terminology) so it is simple to create a dwr.jar file that contains exactly the modules that you need. See the 'modules' property and the execution of the 'build' macrodef.

The ant outputs are stored in dwr/target/ant.


Module: DWR is made up of a number of modules. The idea is that these modules are as independent as possible. Spring integration is an example of a module. The modules are grouped into four areas: core, protocol, serverside, ui

  • core: The heart of DWR
    • api: All the important interfaces and classes for users and integrators
    • impl: Implementations of the interface points, of use most to DWR developers
    • legacy: For backwards compatibility
  • protocol: A set of ways of talking to the network
  • serverside: Integrations with various server-side technologies
  • ui: Integrations with various user interface technologies

Each module may contain a number of source trees. One for test, one for demos, one for the main sources and maybe one for generated code. The module may also contain a web directory to be merged into an output war file.

Licensing information

DWR is a subproject of Dojo which is a member of the JS Foundation.

© 2005 JS Foundation under Apache 2.0 license.

DWR includes derivative works under other copyright notices and distributed according to the terms of their respective licenses, please see COPYRIGHT.txt and LICENSE.txt for details.