Program for creating video slideshows with audio and subtitles.
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This is a port of dvd-slideshow to python. dvd-slideshow is a great
tool for creating slideshows from still pictures. Amazingly it was
written in bash shell scripting. The port to python is being done
to faciliate new features.

Features being considered or implemented include:

- dvd-slideshow starts with a clean working directory everytime you
  run it, so the video is built from scratch everytime. If you video
  has a lot of effects in, particularly kenburns effects, this can
  take a long time. Given that a typical work flow is much more
  incremental in nature, the python port will keep as much of its
  previous work around as it can and only recreate it as changes are
  requested. This makes for a potentially much larger working
  directory, but makes incremental rebuilds much faster.

- kenburns effects are much easier to set via a GUI. The python port
  seeks to integrate a GUI that can be launched to edit the source
  file. Keeping the same command line functionality is desired,