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🔑 Passcode View to lock iOS apps
Swift Objective-C
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Passcode Platforms Carthage Swift License


let window = ... // Window to display this on e.g. AppDelegate Window

// Config
let config = PasscodeConfig(passcodeGetter: {
            // Return code as string
        }, passcodeSetter: { code in
            // Save new code
        }, biometricsGetter: {
            // return Should use biometrics (Touch ID or Face ID) as Bool

// window can be nil if you only use it on UIViewControllers
let passcode = Passcode(window: self.window, config: config)

Asks for Authentication over current window


Asks for authentication on ViewController

passcode.authenticate(on: viewController, animated: true)

Asks for code on ViewController

passcode.askCode(on: viewController, animated: true)

Asks changes code on ViewController

passcode.changeCode(on: viewController, animated: true)

All functions have completions if authentication or code change was successful e.g.

passcode.askCode(on: viewController, animated: true) { success in
	print("Code was entered correctly? \(success)"

For an example implementation see the Example app.

The default passcode is 1234


Passcode is available through Carthage. To install just write into your Cartfile:

github "divadretlaw/Passcode"



Copyright © 2018 David Walter (

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