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Collective Knowledge repository for collaboratively benchmarking and optimising embedded deep vision runtime library for Jetson TX1

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CK-TensorRT is an open framework for collaborative and reproducible optimisation of convolutional neural networks for Jetson TX1. It's based on the Deep Inference framework from Dustin Franklin (a Jetson developer @ NVIDIA) and the Collective Knowledge framework for customizable cross-platform experimental workflows from the cTuning Foundation. In essence, CK-TensorRT is simply a suite of convenient wrappers with unified JSON API for customizable building, evaluating and multi-objective optimisation of Jetson Inference runtime library for Jetson TX1.

See project page for more details.


Quick installation on Ubuntu


Installing general dependencies

$ sudo apt install coreutils \
                   build-essential \
                   make \
                   cmake \
                   wget \
                   git \
                   python \

Installing CK-TensorRT dependencies

$ sudo apt install libqt4-dev \
                   libglew-dev \

Installing CK

$ sudo pip install ck
$ ck version

Installing CK-TensorRT repository

$ ck pull repo:ck-tensorrt --url=

Building CK-TensorRT and all dependencies via CK

The first time you run a TensorRT program (e.g. tensorrt-test), CK will build and install all missing dependencies on your machine, download the required data sets and start the benchmark:

$ ck run program:tensorrt-test

Related projects and initiatives

We are working with the community to unify and crowdsource performance analysis and tuning of various DNN frameworks (or any realistic workload) using Collective Knowledge Technology:

Open R&D challenges

We use crowd-benchmarking and crowd-tuning of such realistic workloads across diverse hardware for open academic and industrial R&D challenges - join this community effort!

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