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@@ -208,8 +208,8 @@ MySQL when using the MyISAM storage engine, see the next section.
Storage engines
-MySQL has several `storage engines`_ (previously called table types). You can
-change the default storage engine in the server configuration.
+MySQL has several `storage engines`_. You can change the default storage engine
+in the server configuration.
Until MySQL 5.5.4, the default engine was MyISAM_ [#]_. The main drawbacks of
MyISAM are that it doesn't support transactions or enforce foreign-key
@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ running ``syncdb``::
.. _storage engines:
.. _MyISAM:
-.. _InnoDB:
+.. _InnoDB:
.. [#] Unless this was changed by the packager of your MySQL package. We've
had reports that the Windows Community Server installer sets up InnoDB as
@@ -718,9 +718,9 @@ as empty strings.
Threaded option
-If you plan to run Django in a multithreaded environment (e.g. Apache in Windows
-using the default MPM module), then you **must** set the ``threaded`` option of
-your Oracle database configuration to True::
+If you plan to run Django in a multithreaded environment (e.g. Apache using the
+the default MPM module on any modern operating system), then you **must** set
+the ``threaded`` option of your Oracle database configuration to True::
'threaded': True,

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