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@@ -298,13 +298,13 @@ connections.
When a :class:`~django.db.models.BooleanField` doesn't have an explicit
:attr:`~django.db.models.Field.default`, the implicit default value is
``None``. In previous version of Django, it was ``False``, but that didn't
-represent accurantely the lack of a value.
+represent accurately the lack of a value.
Code that relies on the default value being ``False`` may raise an exception
when saving new model instances to the database, because ``None`` isn't an
acceptable value for a :class:`~django.db.models.BooleanField`. You should
-either specify ``default=False`` explicitly on the field definition, or ensure
-the field is set to ``True`` or ``False`` before saving the object.
+either specify ``default=False`` in the field definition, or ensure the field
+is set to ``True`` or ``False`` before saving the object.
Translations and comments in templates
@@ -328,7 +328,7 @@ specified using ``{#`` / ``#}`` is now stricter. All translator comments not
located at the end of their respective lines in a template are ignored and a
warning is generated by :djadmin:`makemessages` when it finds them. E.g.:
- .. code-block:: html+django
+.. code-block:: html+django
{# Translators: This is ignored #}{% trans "Translate me" %}
{{ title }}{# Translators: Extracted and associated with 'Welcome' below #}

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