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What is this?

The Android Bridge App allows efficient development of Android applications.

Many DJI products require the Android device to be connected directly through USB to a remote controller, which means the Android device can only be connected to the PC through WiFi debugging. While workable, development is slow as resource intensive tasks such as profiling or transferring a new build to the mobile device can take a long time. In addition, the Android Studio emulator cannot be used to do any development.

The Android bridge app runs on an Android device connected to the remote controller and accepts a network connection from another Android device running an SDK based application. It acts as a bridge between the remote controller and the Android device running the SDK based application.

This means:

  • The Android device running the SDK based application can connect with USB to the PC, while connecting over WiFi to the bridge app
  • Or the Android Studio emulator can be used on the PC and connect to the bridge app over WiFi

This makes it easier develop, debug, setup CI environments, share devices in a team, or even do remote development with devices.


  • The Bridge App is compatible with the Android DJI Mobile SDK v4.0 and above.
  • The Bridge App is compatible with all DJI RC


When using the bridge app, two Android devices are used (or one device with the bridge app and the emulator):

  1. An Android device with the BridgeApp apk that is connected directly to the remote controller
  2. An Android device running an SDK based application

Both devices must be able to resolve each other's IP address - and should be used on the same network. Only wi-fi and ethernet connections have been tested to work.

The steps to make the bridge app work are:

  • Device 1:

    • Start the bridge app
    • Connect the Android device to remote controller
    • Grant USB access to the bridge app
    • Make sure the red light in the top left corner of the screen turns green - this shows the bridge app is connected with the DJI product
    • There will be an IP address in the middle of the screen - which is used with the second device.
  • Device 2:

    • Device 2 should be running a DJI Mobile SDK based application.
    • The IP address of Device 1 should be passed to enableBridgeModeWithBridgeAppIP in SDKManager to connect with Device 1. enableBridgeModeWithBridgeAppIP must be called after the sdk has registered.
new DJISDKManager.SDKManagerCallback() {

        public void onRegister(DJIError error) {
            if (error == DJISDKError.REGISTRATION_SUCCESS) {
                // ...
                // ADD CALL HERE
                DJISDKManager.getInstance().enableBridgeModeWithBridgeAppIP("YOUR IP");
            } else {
            	// ...
        public void onProductDisconnect() {
        	// ...

        public void onProductConnect(BaseProduct product) {
        	// ...

        public void onComponentChange(BaseProduct.ComponentKey key,
                                      BaseComponent oldComponent,
                                      BaseComponent newComponent) {
          	// ...
  • Make sure the red light in the top left corner of Device 2's screen turns green - this shows Device 2 is connected with Device 1.
  • The application can now be run remotely.

App Features

  • Layout:

    alt text

  • RC indicator:

    • alt text No USB device connected to BridgeApp
    • alt text Connected device is not supported or not working properly
    • alt text DJI RC is connected
  • Connection indicator

    • alt text No SDK Application is connected to Bridge
    • alt text There is at least one SDK Application connected to BridgeApp
  • Host IP Address: This is the address of the BridgeApp. To connect to it, pass in the displayed ip value to enableBridgeModeWithBridgeAppIP method in SDKManager.

  • App Version: Displays the current version of the BridgeApp. This is not the version of the DJI SDK.

  • Functionalities:

    • BridgeApp supports conntection via Wifi or Eithernet ( using USB Adapter and CrystalSky)
    • BirdgeApp acceptes multiple simultinous connections. This is helpful to share one Aircraft with many developers.


This is a beta version of the Bridge App. Please provide feedback in areas you think it could be improved or is unstable.

Please use Github Issue or email when you meet any problems of using this project. At a minimum please let us know:

  • Which DJI Product you are using?
  • Which Android Device and Android System version you are using?
  • Which Android Studio version you are using?
  • A short description of your problem includes debugging logs or screenshots.
  • Any bugs or typos you come across.


Android-Bridge-App is available under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file for more info.

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