Cross-platform serial port enumeration in Python
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LICENSE Update for pypi distribution Aug 19, 2012 Fix #3: crash if no serial ports available Dec 31, 2013



Serialenum is a simple utility to correctly enumerate all available and present serial ports on a given system. There are a number of ways to enumerate serial ports, but they are platform-specific and vary in effectiveness. Serialenum attempts to provide the best possible methods for each supported platform.


pip install serialenum


import serialenum


The enumerate method will return a list of serial ports or a blank list, if none are found. If serial ports could not be enumerated, it will return None.

Using command line script

Script called serialenum can be used from command line


It prints out all found serial ports, one per line.

Supported Platforms

  1. Windows XP or later
  2. Recent Linux 2.6+ kernels


The Windows implementation iterates over a registry key to ensure that usb-to-serial converters and oddly-named COM ports are discovered. This should work correctly on any modern version of Windows.


The Linux implementation uses /dev/serial to enumerate attached serialenum port devices. This avoids the fake ttyS devices typically present and also accounts for usb-to-serial converters.


  • Add fallback support for older Linux systems
  • Add support for more operating systems (testing help needed)