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frankenstein checks for live URLs in a file, it can update links based on HTTP redirects in a README :octocat:

This project uses awesome_bot to validate links.

Build Status


git clone
cd frankenstein
rake install


$ frankenstein # URL
$ frankenstein # Path to file
$ frankenstein ccgus/fmdb # GitHub repo README, works too

Found: master for ccgus/fmdb — A Cocoa / Objective-C wrapper around SQLite — 8935⭐️  — last updated today
🏃  Processing links for ccgus/fmdb ...
🔎  Checking 18 links
🕐  Time elapsed: 4.07 seconds

🏃  No failures for ccgus/fmdb
✅ 200 ok
🔶 3xx redirect
🔴 4xx error
⚪ white list / other

Correct GitHub README Redirects

frankenstein can open a pull request to update README links based on HTTP redirects (this requires credentials set in .netrc).

$ frankenstein fastlane/sigh

Finding default branch for fastlane/sigh
Found: master for fastlane/sigh — Because you would rather spend your time building stuff than fighting provisioning — 864⭐️  — last updated 8 days ago
🏃  Processing links for ...
🔎  Checking 21 links
🔶  301
🔶  301
🔶  10 redirects redirects to
Next? (pull request | white list w=<s1^s2..> | gist | tweet [-h] [message] | enter to end) p
Creating pull request on GitHub for fastlane/sigh ...
Pull request created:

White List

  • URLs that are meant to be redirected (i.e. URL shortener, badge, authentication) are white listed and not corrected.

  • You can also white list links at the end of a run with option w.

$ frankenstein dkhamsing/forker

Finding default branch for dkhamsing/forker
Found: wip for dkhamsing/forker — Fork GitHub repos found on a page — 0⭐️  — last updated today
🏃  Processing links for dkhamsing/forker ...
🔎  Checking 10 links
🔶  1 redirect redirects to
🕐  Time elapsed: 2.56 seconds

🏃  No failures for dkhamsing/forker

Next? (pull request | white list w=<s1^s2..> | gist | tweet [-h] [message] | enter to end) w=gph



This project is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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