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This is an addon to RDFpro that applies the rules of the Event Situation Ontology (ESO) and creates the resulting Situation(s).


This repository contains four new processors for RDFpro.

  • @esoreasoner [-i] [-b BASE] [-w] FILE... Performs reasoning according to the ESO owl supplied
    • [-i] emits only inferences (default: emit also explicit statements)
    • [-b BASE] use BASE to resolve URIs in the ESO ontology files (default: empty)
    • [-w] rewrites BNodes in the ESO ontology file to avoid clashes
    • FILE... the ESO owl file
  • @reformattime Perform filter on time entities, converting single time entities into integer values.
  • @filtertype Perform filter on predicates, leaving only one kind of event for each
  • @removeobeqsub [-i] Remove triples having the same subject and object
    • [-i] invert the behavior (delete triples with different object/subject)


  • Download or checkout RDFpro from the official website and expand it
  • From the RDFpro folder, run mvn package install -DskipTests
  • In the rdfpro-dist/target/ folder, find rdfpro-dist-x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar file and expand it where you want to install RDFpro
  • Download or checkout the eso reasoner
  • From its folder, run mvn package
  • Copy eso-reasoner-x.x-SNAPSHOT.jar from target/ folder to the lib/ folder in the RDFpro install dir
  • If you run rdfpro -h you will see the list of available commands, included the new ones

Examples of use

  • rdfpro @read /path/to/input.ttl @esoreasoner /path/to/ontology.owl @write /path/to/output.ttl
  • rdfpro @read /path/to/input.ttl @reformattime @write /path/to/output.ttl
  • rdfpro @read /path/to/input.ttl @filtertype @write /path/to/output.ttl


You can see a demo of the ESO reasoner in this page.


This software is released under the Public Domain CC0 1.0 Universal license.