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Wrapped XMLReader class, for simple SAX-reading of huge xml.
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Simple XML Reader

Wrapper XMLReader( class, for simple SAX-reading(and simple XPath-queries) of huge(testing over 1G file) xml.

Minimum the memory usage of other xml libraries(SimpleXML, DOMXML).

Usage example 1:

$reader = new SimpleXMLReader;
$reader->registerCallback("by-node-name", function($reader) {
    $element = $reader->expandSimpleXml(); // copy of the current node as a SimpleXMLElement object
    $attributes = $element->attributes(); // read element attributes
    /* ... */
$reader->registerCallback("/by/xpath/query", function($reader) {
    $element = $reader->expandDomDocument(); // copy of the current node as a DOMNode object
    $attributes = $element->attributes(); // read element attributes
    /* ... */

Usage example 2:

License: Public Domain

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