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LICENSE - A plugin for Pidgin

Talk like the trolls, impress your friends



  • Install perl
    • Windows: Make sure it is perl version 5. 10 .x 32 bit
    • Linux/OSX: If it's not already installed, back slowly away and wonder what you screwed up
  • Install Pidgin
    • If you had Pidgin installed before you installed perl, restart pidgin now
  • Verify both installations
    • Open Pidgin, Help->Build Information
    • Find Perl Enabled|Disabled
    • If perl is disabled, reinstall Pidgin
    • If it's still disabled, make sure you have perl version 5. 10 .x and that it is 32 bit
  • Drop in .purple/plugins
    • You may need to make the plugins folder
    • Windows: Open %APPDATA% and find .purple
    • Linux: .purple is in ~
    • OSX: Not sure, but it's probably hidden in your home directory
  • Activate Plugin
    • Restart Pidgin
    • Tools->Plugins
    • Activate Troll
    • Configure if you wish
    • Start pestering your chums


  • /help troll for basic usage
  • /troll to show your selected persona
  • /troll <name> to speak as <name>
  • /troll none to disable trolltalk


  • Q: Whenever I speak, it doesn't look like trolltalk. What is wrong with you. A: Only the chum you're pestering can see your witty banter as trolltalk.