A command line code review tool for git.
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A code review utility for git.

To use git-review, place it in your path or set a git alias:
  git config --global alias.review = "!/path/to/git-review"

tig users:
  If you add this line to your .tigrc file:
    bind diff e !git review -c %(commit)
  you can enter directly into a code review when viewing
  the diff of a commit by pressing 'e'.

Required gems:

Usage: git review [options] [author]

Common tasks:
  View unreviewed commit count:   git review
  Watch an author:                git review -w <author>
  Review one commit in vi:        git review -n 1 <author>
  Quickly review all commits:     git review -p <author>

  --num-commits, -n <i>:   Number of commits to review
   --set-commit, -s <s>:   Set <commit> as your last-seen commit for <author>
            --watch, -w:   Add <author> to your watch list
          --unwatch, -u:   Remove <author> from your watch list
            --paged, -p:   Review commits in a paged view instead of in an editor
             --keep, -k:   Keep your review files instead of deleting them
             --help, -h:   Show this message