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A common bricks library for building scalable and portable distributed machine learning.


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Distributed Machine Learning Common Codebase

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DMLC-Core is the backbone library to support all DMLC projects, offers the bricks to build efficient and scalable distributed machine learning libraries.

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Known Issues

  • RecordIO format is not portable across different processor endians. So it is not possible to save RecordIO file on a x86 machine and then load it on a SPARC machine, because x86 is little endian while SPARC is big endian.


Contributing to dmlc-core is welcomed! dmlc-core follows google's C style guide. If you are interested in contributing, take a look at feature wishlist and open a new issue if you like to add something.

  • DMLC-Core uses C++11 standard. Ensure that your C++ compiler supports C++11.
  • Try to introduce minimum dependency when possible

CheckList before submit code

  • Type make lint and fix all the style problems.
  • Type make doc and fix all the warnings.