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🚨 Please see the project sunsetting announcement: Issues/98 🚨

golang hooks for

Using these hooks

Add this to your .pre-commit-config.yaml

- repo:
  rev: master
    - id: go-fmt
    - id: go-vet
    - id: go-lint
    - id: go-imports
    - id: go-cyclo
      args: [-over=15]
    - id: validate-toml
    - id: no-go-testing
    - id: golangci-lint
    - id: go-critic
    - id: go-unit-tests
    - id: go-build
    - id: go-mod-tidy

Available hooks

  • go-fmt - Runs gofmt, requires golang
  • go-vet - Runs go vet, requires golang
  • go-lint - Runs golint, requires but is unmaintained & deprecated in favour of golangci-lint
  • go-imports - Runs goimports, requires
  • go-cyclo - Runs gocyclo, require
  • validate-toml - Runs tomlv, requires
  • no-go-testing - Checks that no files are using testing.T, if you want developers to use a different testing framework
  • golangci-lint - run golangci-lint run ./..., requires golangci-lint
  • go-critic - run gocritic check ./..., requires go-critic
  • go-unit-tests - run go test -tags=unit -timeout 30s -short -v
  • go-build - run go build, requires golang
  • go-mod-tidy - run go mod tidy -v, requires golang
  • go-mod-vendor - run go mod vendor, requires golang