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Achilles is an open source advanced object mapper for Apache Cassandra. Among all the features:

  • Advanced bean mapping (compound primary key, composite partition key, timeUUID, counter, static column ...)
  • Pluggable codec system to define your own types
  • Life cycle interceptors to define custom behavior before INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/SELECT operations
  • Fluent options system to parameter runtime statements (consistency level, retry policy, ...)
  • Powerful and type-safe DSL to create your own queries
  • Display of DML scripts & DDL statements
  • Wrapper to deploy an embedded Cassandra server easily
  • Tight integration with JUnit for productive TDD programming
  • Support for Bean Validation (JSR-303)
  • Support for Lightweight Transaction with dedicated listener interface
  • Support for Materialized View
  • Support for typed-safe Function calls
  • Support for the new JSON API
  • Support for multi-project compilation unit
  • Support for native index, SASI and DSE Search
  • Support for GROUP BY since Cassandra 3.10 and DSE 5.1.x
  • Flexible naming strategy & insert strategy
  • Runtime Schema Name Provider for multi-tenant environments
  • Full compatibility with Java 8 CompletableFuture

warning: Achilles version 6.1.0 is the newest release, for migrating from version 5.x please read the Migration From 5.X Guide

Warning: Achilles versions 5.x are no longer maintained, only bug-fixes are supported, please migrate to version 6.x and follow the Migration From 5.x Guide


Below is the compatibility matrix between Achilles, Java Driver and Cassandra versions

Achilles version Java Driver version Cassandra version
6.1.0 (all Cassandra versions up to 3.11.10, all DSE up to 5.1.10) 3.11.0 3.11.10
5.3.1 (all Cassandra versions up to 3.11.0, all DSE up to 5.1.2) 3.3.0 3.11.0
5.2.1 (all Cassandra versions up to 3.7, all DSE up to 5.0.3) 3.1.3 3.7
5.0.0 (all Cassandra versions up to 3.7, all DSE up to 5.0.3) 3.1.0 3.7
4.2.3 (all Cassandra versions up to 3.7, all DSE up to 5.0.3) 3.1.0 3.7
4.0.1 (limited to Cassandra 2.2.3 features) 3.0.0-alpha5 2.2.3
3.2.3 (limited to Cassandra 2.1.x features) 2.1.6 2.1.5
3.0.22 (limited to Cassandra 2.0.x features) 2.1.6 2.0.15

Warning: there will be no new features for branches older than 6.0.x. Those branches are only supported for bug fixes. New features will not be back-ported. Please upgrade to the latest version of Achilles to benefit from new features

To use Achilles, just add the following dependency in your pom.xml:


Do not forget to deactivate incremental compilation and use Java 8 in your pom.xml file


Achilles 5.x requires a JDK 8 to work. It is recommended to use JDK 8 update 45 or later

For unit-testing with embedded Cassandra, add this dependency with test scope:


For now, Achilles depends on the following libraries:

  1. cassandra (see matrix version above)
  2. cassandra-driver-core (see matrix version above)
  3. Jackson core, annotations, databind & module jaxb annotations 2.10.0
  4. Google Auto Common 0.4
  5. Google Auto Service 1.0-rc2
  6. Java Poet 1.5.1
  7. Guava 24.1.1-jre
  8. slf4j-api 1.7.2
  9. commons-io 2.4
  10. commons-lang3 3.3.2
  11. commons-collections 3.2.1
  12. validation-api 1.1.0.Final
  13. org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler-ecj 4.4.2

Configure Your IDE

Achilles is using code generation at compile time through annotation processors, you'll need to configure your IDE carefully. Please follow the IDE Configuration guide

5 minutes tutorial

To boostrap quickly with Achilles, you can check the 5 minutes tutorial

Quick Reference

To be productive quickly with Achilles. Most of useful examples are given in the Quick Reference

Advanced tutorial

To get a deeper look on how you can use Achilles, check out the KillrChat application


All the documentation and tutorial is available in the Wiki

Versioned documentation is available at Documentation

Mailing list

For any question, bug encountered, you can use the mailing list


Copyright 2012-2021 DuyHai DOAN

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this application except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


An advanced Java Object Mapper/Query DSL generator for Cassandra







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