A sample documentation project, containing .NET source code and markdown files, can generate a static website after running docfx
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This is a sample docfx documentation project. It contains .NET source code and markdown files. docfx.json is the configuration file for running docfx. docfx will generate a static website as similar to http://docascode.github.io/docfx-seed/index.html

How to run

Under Windows

Install from Nuget

  • Install Nuget.exe
  • Create a folder, e.g. C:\Tools\docfx, under the folder, nuget install docfx.console
  • Open command line:
set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Tools\docfx\docfx.console\tools
docfx docfx-seed\docfx.json --serve

Install from choco

choco install docfx
docfx docfx-seed\docfx.json --serve

Cross platform

> mono nuget.exe install docfx.console
> mono docfx.console/tools/docfx.exe docfx-seed/docfx.json

Further information about docfx

docfx is a tool to generate documentation towards .NET source code and markdown files. Please refer to docfx to get start. The docfx website itself is generated by docfx!