The Docker Toolbox
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Docker Toolbox

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The Docker Toolbox installs everything you need to get started with Docker on Mac OS X and Windows. It includes the Docker client, Compose, Machine, Kitematic, and VirtualBox.

Installation and documentation

Documentation for Mac is available here.

Documentation for Windows is available here.

Note: Some Windows and Mac computers may not have VT-X enabled by default. It is required for VirtualBox. To check if VT-X is enabled on Windows follow this guide here. To enable VT-X on Windows, please see the guide here. To enable VT-X on Intel-based Macs, refer to this Apple guide here. Also note that if the Virtual Machine was created before enabling VT-X it can be necessary to remove and reinstall the VM for Docker Toolbox to work.

Toolbox is currently unavailable for Linux; To get started with Docker on Linux, please follow the Linux Getting Started Guide.

Building the Docker Toolbox

Toolbox installers are built using Docker, so you'll need a Docker host set up. For example, using Docker Machine:

$ docker-machine create -d virtualbox toolbox
$ eval "$(docker-machine env toolbox)"

Then, to build the Toolbox for both platforms:


Build for a specific platform:

make osx


make windows

The resulting installers will be in the dist directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to install VirtualBox?

No, you can deselect VirtualBox during installation. It is bundled in case you want to have a working environment for free.