Rewritten lightweight version of the CppTest C++ testing framework
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This is an approximate re-implementation of the cpptest testing framework. This library is based on the version 1.1.2.

The original cpptest-framework is not longer in active development and I personally found it too complex for the simple tasks it runs. So I implemented this smaller version in initially around 2 days of work.

CppTest-lite is a lot smaller in size (<200KB compared to >2MB) and runs tests slightly faster.


Runs the test-program of the original cpptest-1.1.2.

Some minor changes were made to the behavior:

  • the macros TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS_OBJ and TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS_OBJ_MSG were disabled (create compiler-error), because they do the exact same thing as TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS and TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS_MSG
  • the macros TEST_THROWS_ANYTHING and TEST_THROWS_ANYTHING_MSG treat throwing any type not extending std::exception as failure, because - seriously - that is bad coding style
  • the add(auto_ptr<Suite>) method was rewritten to use the new shared_ptr.
  • Test::Suite.setup now returns a bool value determining whether to continue running the test-suite
  • Split user-message and failure-message into two separate fields (two separate lines in TextOutput)

New Features (latest version)

  • based upon the (new) C++11 standard
  • new macros TEST_PREDICATE(_MSG) and TEST_BIPREDICATE(_MSG) for testing a single (or two) values with a predicate. Additionally, two new types were created: Test::Predicate and Test::BiPredicate, but basically any method accepting a single (or two) arguments and returning a bool or any other type which can be coerced into a bool can be used.
  • supports parameterized test-methods and multiple registrations for same test-method. The parameters are automatically passed to the test-method and the resulting output
  • added macro TEST_ABORT to fail and abort a test-method
  • added methods to be executed before and after every test-method. setup and before can be used to skip the suite/a single test-method.
  • More detailed failure-message, e.g. prints the failed assertion and the method-parameters, if there are any
  • ParallelSuite allows to run TestSuites in a multi-threaded environment and automatically synchronizes access to the Output.
  • new macros to add tests, TEST_ADD_SINGLE_ARGUMENT, TEST_ADD_TWO_ARGUMENTS and TEST_ADD_TWO_ARGUMENTS to add test with one, two or three arguments of arbitrary types.
  • new macros to compare string-equality TEST_STRING_EQUALS and TEST_STRING_EQUALS_MSG supporting std::string and string-constants.
  • TEST_ASSERT_EQUALS(_MSG) now also supports string equality as well as comparison of NaNs
  • Help-page and selection of test-suites to run can be automatically generated via Test::registerSuite() and Test::runSuites

Behavior driven development

  • As of version 0.6 BDD is supported as a completely new feature
  • write stories and scenarios easily in a text-based style (see TestBDD.h for a few examples)
  • macro-preprocessor automatically generates a Suite for every given Story