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This is no longer supported, as we're investing in SDKs using our REST API.

Please consider using Doist/todoist-api-python instead, which should cover most use-cases.

The official Todoist Python API library

Welcome to the official client to the Todoist Sync API.

This client makes actions using the Sync API easier to use and also caches values locally to make right usage of the partial sync mechanism of the API.


The package can be installed as any other pip package:

pip install todoist-python

The official Documentation can be found at


You can import todoist-python on your Python application or just try it out from the python REPL (read-eval-print-loop).

This is how it looks like when using the REPL:

$ python
>>> import todoist
>>> api = todoist.TodoistAPI('0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567')
>>> api.sync()
>>> full_name = api.state['user']['full_name']
>>> print(full_name)
John Doe
>>> for project in api.state['projects']:
...     print(project['name'])
Movies to watch

The state attribute has all the data of your full sync and the sync method does the job of keeping things in sync in the best way possible.

You can add or change data as well. Let's add a task and change it as examples:

$ python
>>> import todoist
>>> api = todoist.TodoistAPI('0123456789abcdef0123456789abcdef01234567')
>>> item = api.items.add('My taks')  # oh no, typo!
>>> api.commit()  # commit the changes to the server
{'id': 1234567890, u'content': u'My taks', u'user_id': 1, ...}
>>> api.items.update(item['id'], content='My task')
>>> api.commit()  # never forget to commit!
{'id': 1234567890, u'content': u'My task', u'user_id': 1, ...}

That's it! To know what actions are available for each object, refer to Managers in our official documentation.

We also document all the actions available on this library along with our official API documentation. Here is one example of the add task endpoint. Check the python tab on the examples for actions related to this library.


Build Project

This project still supports Python 2.7 but we recommend Python 3.

We recommend using virtualenv and pip for the project bootstrap. Below is a step by step of the bootstrap process:

Clone the repo and enter it:

$ git clone ; cd todoist-python

Create an environment:

$ virtualenv --system-site-packages -p /usr/bin/python2.7 env # if you need python2.7
$ virtualenv --system-site-packages env # use only python3 if you run this

Activate the environment:

$ source env/bin/activate

Install the library along with all the dependencies (just requests for this project):

$ pip install -e .

Build Documentation

If you want to build the documentation as well, install some extra packages:

$ pip install -r doc/requirements.txt

Build the documentation:

$ (cd doc ; make html)

Read the built documentation by opening:


Testing the library

We have a set of tests to ensure we support Python both 2.x and 3.x.

To test it out, please make sure you have python 2 and python 3 installed in your system. Then install "tox" either globally (preferred way) or in your local environment.

# apt-get install python-tox


$ pip install tox

You will also need to have the pytest.ini file. We are providing a pytest.ini.sample that you can copy and paste to create your own pytest.ini.

You will need two different tokens (token and token2 keys on on pytest.ini) to be able to run all the tests successfully, since we have tests for the sharing features.

With the setup done, you can just run:

$ tox

Keep in mind that running the whole test suit may cause some tests to fail as you will certaily hit some limits of API usage. We recommend only running the test for your feature.


DEPRECATED The official Todoist Python API library







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