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Milestone Post-Beta

  • Finish dojo/dataviz
  • Finish dgrid 2

Milestone 2017.03

  • dojo/app scene management beta

Milestone 2017.02

  • dojo/app App state container POC
  • dojo/app scene management POC / alpha
  • dgrid 2 alpha
  • dojo/stores beta
  • dojo/widget-core state management beta
  • dojo/widget-core Widget css beta
  • dojo/widgets implement core widgets
  • API documentation generation alpha

Milestone 2017.01

  • dojo/app review in context of recent widget refactor
  • dojo/cli test command
  • dojo/compose round of refinements
  • dgrid 2 POC refinements
  • dojo/stores alpha, and decide on next steps towards beta
  • dojo/stores addition of REST and IndexedDB stores, and data transformation APIs
  • dojo/widget-core Widget CSS alpha
  • dojo/widget-core Refine approach to widgets and properties
  • dojo/widget-core state management alpha
  • API documentation generation alpha
  • Switch to using @scoped packages (feasible with dropping bower support
  • Finish TypeScript 2.1 updates (async/await refactor of APIs, support additional/partial types)

Milestone 2016.12

Milestone 2016.11

  • dojo/cli Further delivery of build tooling (cli version)
  • dojo/examples Further development of Monster Cards Example application
  • dojo/i18n Additional i18n functionality (localisation of dates, times, numbers, etc.)
  • dojo/shim Add ES8 features (padLeft/padRight, global, Object.values/Object.entries)
  • dojo/streams Split streams from dojo/core into new package
  • dojo/widgets Major refactor of dojo/widgets to implement widget base classes, refine APIs, improve state, etc.
  • a11y POC
  • Significant cleanup to use @types and typings

Milestone 2016.10

  • dojo/app Integration of dojo-app with dojo-routing
  • dojo/app More feature rich declarative application markup
  • dojo/cli Delivery of key CLI features
  • dojo/cli Initial delivery of user-facing build command
  • dojo/core Basic debugging instrumentation in dojo-compose and dojo-core
  • dojo/core Add core concept of an IdentityRegistry
  • dojo/examples Significant development on Monster Cards Example application
  • dojo/interfaces Common interfaces split into new package
  • dojo/i18n i18n for text resources
  • dojo/stores Initial delivery of dojo-stores and a memory store
  • dojo/widgets Initial base theme for widgets
  • dojo/widgets Initial delivery of animations for widgets
  • dojo/widgets Definition and implementation of base classes
  • dojo/widgets Definition of widget base classes
  • CSS Modules for structural CSS
  • Migrate to native Promises when available
  • Complete migration to TypeScript 2.0, including strict null checks, no implicit this and usage of readonly

Milestone 2016.09

  • dojo/cli Updates to tooling and packaging making it easier to ship packages
  • dojo/compose Improvements to class system
  • dojo/examples Initial development on Example Monster Cards App
  • dojo/widgets Improve extensibility of widgets by downstream users
  • Repackage to make packages more usable