Application Development Framework promoting good development practices such as CQRS and MVVM (see readme)
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Bifrost is an application development framework promoting good development practices. The backend development is focused on CQRS (Command Query Responsibility Segregation) for promoting Domain Driven Design.

The fronted development is focused on MVVM (Model View ViewModel) for promoting better separation.

To get an idea of how the framework will help you get up and running fast, have a look here :


alt tag


For more details, samples, documentation, please go to the official site


We'd love to accept your pull-request!

Check out the github issue-list to see if there's anything you could contribute to. Also, look into the coding standard section below if you're interested in contributing.

Coding standard

Try to follow the general style of naming and structure that's already in place in the solution. For a more extensive guide, have a look at our contributing page


We expect any code going through to a pull request to be tested. All our testing is done through MSpec specifications (C#), or JasmineBDD (JavaScript).