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A demonstration of how HTML5 Websockets can be used to push data to mobile phones.
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tPusher demo project showing how HTML5 Websockets can be used to push data to mobile phones in a Web of Things context. Heavily based on the Java Atmosphere framework (a great push abstraction framework), JQuery and Sencha Touch.

The project is best run with Maven and is working quite well with Jetty >8.0.0.M2. Should work as well with the latest releases of Grizzly.

The idea is that an EPC standard RFID reader is pushing RFID reads directly to a mobile phone.
To test it without an actual RFID reader do:

1) Browse to (with a WebKit browser, including mobile ones):

2) Use Poster or curl to push (POST) the following JSON message:
message={"reportName": "hello", "niceTime": "18:50:26", "epcs": ["25.23.22", "25.23.34"]}
To: http://YOU_APP_SERVER_ADDRESS:PORT/things-pusher/pubsub/gate

Check for a tutorial video of what this demo is about and how to run it.
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