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Aerolith 2.0 is a word study website - Copyright 2007-2015 Cesar Del Solar

This repository holds the Python, Javascript, and C++ code required to serve Aerolith on a fresh machine. Here's a brief description of the different modules:


The bulk of the back-end code is written in Python 2.x, using Django 1.3.


Front-end code is in Javascript and regular CSS. Nothing fancy yet. I've littered the namespace with globals because I'm kind of a JS newb, but I'll probably clean up the code when I have time.


The C++ code, in the dbCreator folder, is used to generate the database files needed to run the program. It actually produces big CSV files for the words, alphagrams, and lexica, that can then be loaded into MySQL with the 'loaddata' command. There's also a file in there that makes the DAWG (it's actually a Trie because I got lazy) needed for the dbCreator to find the hooks properly. So that needs to be run first. More details on the Wiki

The code needs Qt ~4.7 (earlier will probably work up to a limit) to be compiled. The code looks more complex than it actually is. It's actually part of the original Aerolith C++ program; I've modified it a bit. I will probably simplify it and/or rewrite it in Python sometime in the future, at least to keep consistency.

The files this dbCreator generates also need to be added to Redis. This can be done with python loadWordsIntoRedis. I use Redis for checking uploaded word lists at the moment; its scope will probably significantly expand as Redis is awesome.

To generate blank challenges, there is a dependency on Ujamaa. See: code

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