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True Color Gif Generator
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True Color Gif Generator


Just for kicks. I saw a similar demo many years back and was curious how hard it would be to reproduce.


Gifs have a limited pallet of 255 colors, but that limit is per frame. Gifs also use transparency as a naive compression method such that the previous frame can show through. By utilizing this, we can in fact get 16 million colors in a single Gif!


  • Less naive backfill. Track if the current backfilled color would be closer than a new one.


Description Image
No Backfill, Unsorted
tcgif -backfill=false -sort=false orig.jpg
Lenna, No Backfill, No Sort
No Backfill, Sorted By Popularity
tcgif -backfill=false orig.jpg
Lenna, No Backfill
tcgif orig.jpg
Lenna, Backfilled
Original Original
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