Complete boilerplate for react-native app. Contains mobx, typescript, router, test, localization, navigation and etc.
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React Native Typescript Starter


  • typescript
  • react-navigation
  • test jest with typescript
  • localization
  • mobx
  • data models

Gain points

1. Typescript support. No need to run tsc because webpack is doing it for you with ts-loader.
2. Sample of mobx and data modeling.
3. Able to learn how to structure react app with typescript and mobx.
4. Test with jest-ts.
5. Learn how to localize your project.


1. npm install
2. npm start


├─ .doobooo // necessary if using dooboo-cli
├─ assets
│  └─ icons // app icons
│  └─ images // app images like background images
├─ node_modules/
├─ src/
│  └─ apis
│  └─ components
│  └─ models
│  └─ stores
│  └─ utils
│  └─ index.tsx
├─ test/
├─ .babelrc
├─ .buckconfig
├─ .flowconfig
├─ .gitattributes
├─ .gitignore
├─ .watchmanconfig
├─ app.json
├─ index.js
├─ package.json
├─ rn-cli.config.js
├─ tsconfig.json
└─ tslint.json

Running the project

Running the project is as simple as running

npm run start

This runs the start script specified in our package.json, and will spawn off a server which reloads the page as we save our files. Typically the server runs at http://localhost:8080, but should be automatically opened for you.


  • Facing Can't find variable Symbol error in window or ubuntu.
    npm install --save mobx@3.6.2
    npm install --save mobx-react@4.4.3

Testing the project

Testing is also just a command away:

npm test


> jest -u

 PASS  src/components/shared/__tests__/Button.test.tsx
 PASS  src/components/screen/__tests__/Intro.test.tsx
 › 2 snapshots written.

Snapshot Summary
 › 2 snapshots written in 1 test suite.

Test Suites: 2 passed, 2 total
Tests:       5 passed, 5 total
Snapshots:   2 added, 4 passed, 6 total
Time:        3.055s, estimated 6s
Ran all test suites

Writing tests with Jest

We've created test examples with jest-ts in src/components/screen/__tests__ and src/components/shared/__tests__. Since react is component oriented, we've designed to focus on writing test in same level of directory with component. You can simply run npm test to test if it succeeds and look more closer opening the source.


We've defined Localization strings in STRINGS.js which is in root dir. We used react-native-localization pacakage for this one.

import LocalizedStrings from 'react-native-localization';

const strings = new LocalizedStrings({
  en: {
    LOGIN: 'Login',
  kr: {
    LOGIN: '로그인',

export {

Fixed jest setup by adding following in jestSetup.

import { NativeModules } from 'react-native';

 * monkey patching the locale to avoid the error:
 * Something went wrong initializing the native ReactLocalization module

NativeModules.ReactLocalization = {
  language: 'en_US',

React version


React Native version


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