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What is this?

The Rust community has a number of websites dedicated to keeping track of the state of the ecosystem for specific purposes. (e.g. arewewebyet and arewelearningyet)

This one tracks the state of the ecosystem for Game Development in Rust.


Arewegameyet? uses semantic-ui, and in the future it will use cobalt-rs the Rust static site generator.

But at the moment cobalt is lacking the data files feature that Jekyll has, and which a site like this needs.

So, in classic yak shaving fashion, I'll have to add that before being able to automate the site.

Yes, I know I could use Jekyll, but I'd rather contribute to the Rust ecosystem.

Add a Library/Category

If you want to add a library please make an issue with the cargo url of the new library, or if you're comfortable with semantic-ui style html you can try a pull request.


It's very likely there are mistakes around, if you find one please file an issue.

Keep your library's cargo data tidy

If you don't include your homepage/docs/repo on your library's cargo page they won't appear on Arewegameyet either.