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A fully playable re-implementation of Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) engine written in Rust.

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Data files

In order to work doukutsu-rs needs to be paired with supported data files. This repository does not contain any data files.

doukutsu-rs works fine with freeware data files or NXEngine(-evo) or from a supported copy of Cave Story+.

Supported game editions and data file acquisition guides


doukutsu-rs works out of the box when it's placed in the same directory as the original Doukutsu.exe executable. On the initial startup, doukutsu-rs will automatically extract the additional resources that are embedded in the vanilla game into the data directory. Until that is done, both doukutsu-rs and the vanilla executable have to exist in the directory.

Example root directory

example root directory with doukutsu-rs and vanilla Cave Story

Cave Story+

doukutsu-rs can be used as drop-in replacement for CaveStory+.exe. No modifications to game files are needed.

Original version (first released in 2011 on Steam) - expand for instructions

Steam release (Win/Mac/Linux)

The data folder is in the same place across all platforms.

If you want to use doukutsu-rs as a substitute for Mac version of Cave Story+ (which at moment of writing doesn't work on 10.15+ anymore), do the following:

  1. Find the doukutsu-rs executable:
    • In AppVeyor builds, it's in
    • In your own builds, it's in target/(release|debug)/doukutsu-rs
  2. Open Steam Library, select Cave Story+, press the Manage button (gear icon) and select Properties...
  3. Select Local Files and press Browse....
  4. Open the Cave bundle and navigate to Contents/MacOS directory.
  5. Rename the Cave Story+ executable to something else or delete it.
  6. Copy the doukutsu-rs executable and rename it to Cave Story+.
  7. Launch the game from Steam and enjoy!


Epic Games Store

Check your default installation directory.



Check your default installation directory.


Humble Bundle

The archive from Humble Bundle contains the necessary data folder, in the same folder as CaveStory+.exe.


  1. Dump Your WiiWare .wad
  2. Extract and decompress the data folder Example of a valid uncompressed data folder

Remastered version (first released in 2017 on Switch)

Note that this version is incompatible with saves from the original version.

Interchanging the save files may result in spawning in wrong locations, softlocks, graphical glitches, or other issues.

Nintendo Switch

Extract the data folder (contained in romfs) from your console using tool such as nxdumptool.

Important notes:

  • doukutsu-rs doesn't rely on the original ROM or executable, you just need the data files, go to RomFS options menu to just extract the files to SD card so you don't need to do any extra steps.
  • Ensure you're dumping the files with update included (Use update/DLC option), as 1.0 isn't supported.

Nintendo Switch homebrew port specific info

If you're running the homebrew port (drshorizon.nro) on your Switch, you can avoid the dumping step, doukutsu-rs will automatically detect and mount the data files if you run it over Cave Story+ in Title Override mode (hold R while starting CS+ and launch d-rs from hbmenu).

You can put your own data files in /switch/doukutsu-rs/data directory on SD Card, which will be overlayed over RomFS if you run it in setup described above.


Same controls as the default for freeware and Cave Story+ keyboard.

To change, use the control customization menu or edit doukutsu-rs\data\settings.json within your user directory.

P1 P2
Movement ← ↑ ↓ → , L . /
Jump Z B
Shoot X N
Cycle Weapon A and S G and H
Inventory / Skip cutscene Q T
Map W Y
Strafe LShift RShift
  • Alt + Enter - Toggle Fullscreen
  • F2 (While paused) - Quick Restart



JP Freeware 2

Toroko Fight Freeware

No Lighting Freeware

Original CS+

CS+ Sand Zone

CS+ Showoff Outer Wall

CS+ Challenge

Remastered CS+

Balcony Switch

Dogs Switch

Almond Switch

Hell Switch


  • Studio Pixel/Nicalis for Cave Story
  • @Daedily - brand artwork (Icon / Banner / Server), screenshots for this guide.
  • ggez - parts of it are used in crate::framework, notably the VFS code.
  • Clownacy - widescreen camera code.
  • LunarLambda for organism - used as basis for our Organya playback engine.