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A html slidy export mode for org-mode
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Note: This project is probably superseeded by by Rick Frankel. See:

This projects provides a glue to produce HTML Slidy based presentations from Org-Mode files.

- copy org-htmlslidy.el somewhere in your Emacs' load-path

- (require 'org-htmlslidy) from your .emacs

- copy provided Org files into your sources directory

  $ cp  $ORG_SRC

- This archive contains slidy.js and slidy.css that was retrieved on Friday 2010-11-12 from:

  Copy these files to your HTML export directory.
  Note: that export directory depends entirely on your Org setup. You might
  want to configure it using the `org-publish' feature. See
  for details.

- copy jquery.js and org-slides.js (from this project) at the right place

  $ cp jquery.js org-slidy-slides.js $ORG_HTML_EXPORT

Now you're ready to export an Org file as a HTML presentation. This will be
automatically achieved through regular HTML export, provided that your Org file
contains the "magic" line:


Note that the resulting output may be heavily modified by supplying
additional css setup. E.g. the following header to an org file may be
used to choose the color and icons used on the W3C pages (you have to
download them locally as well).

#+STYLE: <link rel='stylesheet' href='blue.css' type='text/css'  /> <link rel='stylesheet' href='dov.css' type='text/css'  />
#+BIND: org-htmlslidy-html-preamble-footer "<h1>A perl test</h1>"
#+BIND: org-export-html-preamble "<div class='background slanty'><img src='graphics/w3c-logo-slanted.jpg' alt='slanted W3C logo' /></div><div class='background'><img alt='' id='head-icon' src='graphics/icon-blue.png' /></a></object></div>"

Thanks a lot to the author of org-s5, Yann Hodique! org-htmlslidy is
just a slight modification of his module.

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